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May 2012

Travel Notes

Ambilkan Bulan

This film features ten Indonesian children’s songs that remain legendary to this day. The songs were composed by A.T. Mahmud and include “Ambilkan Bulan Bu” (which translates as “Bring Me the Moon, Mother”). All of these songs have now been reinterpreted by present day stars such as Cokelat, Judika and RIF. The film tells the story of Amelia’s adventures on holiday in a village. One day, she and her friends become stuck in the middle of a forest supposedly haunted by Mbah Gondrong, a mysterious character who is rumoured to love eating children. The stories about him turn out to be untrue however, because he ends up saving Amelia. Mbah Gondrong merely wants to protect the forest from illegal loggers.

The film was directed by Ifa Isfansyah, who recently won the Best Director award for "The Dancer" at Festival Film Indonesia. “Although I brought a visual aspect to the fore, I didn't want the film to lose any of its narrative and emotional content. This is a challenge that must be met,” explained Ifa. “Ambilkan Bulan” was shot over a period of 14 days in the Karanganyar area of Central Java.


LAGs (Liquid, Aerosols and Gels)

In accordance with standard aviation security rules, cabin baggage items carried on board in liquid form such as aerosol, gel, perfume, hairspray, deodorant, toothpaste and others are strictly limited. The amount of each item must not exceed 100 milliliters and the total amount of all mentioned items must not be more than 1 liter. Such items must also be safely wrapped in a transparent plastic container/bag.

The rule is effectively applicable since 31st March 2007 on all international routes, to and from any country.