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May 2012

Travel Notes

Waves of Wonder

Text by Arvada Haradiran

Bali offers some of the best surfing in the world. The dry season offers the best surfing experience and typically runs from May through September. Arvada Haradiran maps some of the best locations.

Canggu offers something for every type and level of surfer. As a testimony to its enduring popularity amongst world-class surfers, Canggu hosted the Oakley Pro 2012 last month, the first leg of the 2012 Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship tour. The event featured such names as Dede Suryana, Lee Wilson and Marlon Gerber. Fast and furious waves that start at between 1.5m and 2m in height can be found here.

There are four different sections here and they span the length of Uluwatu’s surfable areas. These sections include the Temples, a long wave that works at mid-to high-tide; The Peak, which is situated right around the front of the warungs on Uluwatu’s sealed-road beachfront and which offers some of the best waves on the island at high tide; the Racetrack, a super fast but workable barrel that is doable at low tide but which gets seriously shallow; and finally, the Outside Corner with an eight-foot swell and a long and fast break.

Often hyped as the island’s best-kept-secret beach, Balangan is certainly not easy to find, even with the existence of a new road that will just about take you all the way in. All of the bushwhacking is well worth it though once you pop out onto Balangan’s pristine, white, sandy beach to find only a handful of tourists scampering about. The four-to-eight-foot-high waves at Balangan are fast, powerful and hollow and perform best at mid-to high-tide. There is also a nice reef here located just a short paddle out from the shore.

Bingin-The Impossibles
Bingin, the next reef south of Balangan, is hard to access due to a high cliff wall. Unlike Balangan, however, Bingin gets very crowded through the peak season and worse, there is only one small take- off area. The wave itself is pretty sharp, but is relatively short, although a fun barrel is pretty much guaranteed. The Impossibles is located between Bingin
and Padang-Padang.

Medewi is a tiny, remote village some 75km to the west of the capital Denpasar. This place is very much a surfing hotspot however and visitors flock here for this specific reason alone. Medewi offers a perfect, fun wave for all surfers and is generally not as scary as other reef spots. The bottom here is made of boulders. This is Bali’s longest left hander in fact and rolls all year long, another factor in this spot’s popularity.


LAGs (Liquid, Aerosols and Gels)

In accordance with standard aviation security rules, cabin baggage items carried on board in liquid form such as aerosol, gel, perfume, hairspray, deodorant, toothpaste and others are strictly limited. The amount of each item must not exceed 100 milliliters and the total amount of all mentioned items must not be more than 1 liter. Such items must also be safely wrapped in a transparent plastic container/bag.

The rule is effectively applicable since 31st March 2007 on all international routes, to and from any country.