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May 2012

  • Features

    The Wonders of Wamena


    Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz may not be as well known a historical figure as Sir Edmund Hillary or Jacques Cousteau, however his fascinating accounts of his explorations of Papua in 1907 and 1909 have left a lasting legacy of adventure, imagination and knowledge

    The Rise and Fall of Reyog


    Reyog Ponorogo has been, by turns, both loved and neglected over the years. This venerable art form was once considered taboo, as it was viewed as being tainted by communism. Nevertheless, political parties have often used it to appeal to the masses. Yudasmoro visited some senior artists whose steadfast determination and hard work will hopefully help to preserve reyog as an authentic form of Indonesian performance art

  • Travel Notes

    Taste of Indonesia - The Art of Cloves


    The islands of Maluku are known in English as the Moluccas, however they are perhaps best known by the name that European traders gave them back in the

    Taste of Indonesia - Pak Raden


    For millions of Generation Y Indonesians who grew up in the 1980s, Sunday mornings were a highly anticipated time, as they got to enjoy Indonesia’s

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  • Photo Competition

    Garuda Photo Contest 2009
  • Garuda Indonesia Junior Essay Competition

    Garuda Indonesia Junior Essay Competition 2009