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May 2012

  • Features

    8 Reasons to Aceh


    Political turmoil and a tsunami once removed Aceh from a list of ten favourite destinations; however this beautiful province, which lies at the northwestern tip of Indonesia, has now made a full recovery. Yudasmoro recommends eight reasons to visit Aceh

    Hope for the Javanes Play


    Wahyu wipes away beads of sweat. This is a momentous evening for him. Along with some of his friends, this high-school student is about to appear in a ketoprak at Surakarta’s Balekambang Arts Centre as part of the local government’s Ketoprak Festival initiative

    The 2 Sides of Gorontalo


    From the Olele Marine Park and Otanaha Fortress to Blue Marlin Beach and Limboto Tower, Gorontalo boasts plenty of tourist attractions and these are spread across both sea and land. Yudasmoro took a spin around this new province, which lies to the north of Tomini Bay in northeast Sulawesi

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