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May 2012

Cover Story

7 Top Diving Havens in Indonesia

Known as the “Amazon of the sea”, the Raja Ampat Islands are a diver’s wet dream. According to the WWF, the first comprehensive survey carried out here succeeded in finding almost 1,000 species of tropical fish—a large proportion of which had previously been unknown! Raja Ampat comprises more than 1,500 islands, four of which are quite sizeable (Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo)...more

  • Features

    • Insight

      8 Reasons to Aceh

      Political turmoil and a tsunami once removed Aceh from a list of ten favourite destinations; however this beautiful province, which lies at the northwestern tip of Indonesia, has now made a full recovery. Yudasmoro recommends eight reasons to visit Aceh...more

    • Art and Culture

      Hope for the Javanes Play

      Wahyu wipes away beads of sweat. This is a momentous evening for him. Along with some of his friends, this high-school student is about to appear in a ketoprak at Surakarta’s Balekambang Arts Centre as part of the local government’s Ketoprak Festival initiative...more

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      The Charms of East Java

      The Indonesian province of East Java has plenty on offer to attract tourists, from the largest street festival in Indonesia, to a rugged coast that resembles Australia’s famous Twelve Apostles, to a national park that can boast African-style safaris...more

    • Event

      Lucky Number 38

      Englishman Lee Westwood emerged champion at the recent CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters, Indonesia’s most prestigious international golf tournament and the only Asian Tour-sanctioned event in the country...more

    • Event

      Indonesian Government to Attract Cruise Ship Passengers

      The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in conjunction with various tourist-sector stakeholders, has intensified its promotional activities in order to attract a greater number of international cruise-ship passengers to Indonesia...more

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    Garuda Photo Contest 2010
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